Why Choose RHS Home Care

As a not-for-profit home care organisation, the priority of RHS Home Care is the client, since the beginning, it has always been about quality care and not financial gain and that is what sets RHS Home Care apart from commercial home care companies.

We understand the importance of being in control of your own life. We strive to deliver our home care services to support your personal choices. RHS Home Care is committed to the planning and delivery of quality care and other support services for our clients. We believe in providing personalised and tailored support to meet the unique needs of our clients while respecting their dignity.

RHS Home Care Cooperative is a Nurse Led Home Care provider. The Cooperative is managed by Shirley Larkin Care Manager, Patrick Towey General Manager and Veronica Barrett, Director of Services.

Our Carers

At RHS Home Care, our care assistants are at the heart of our organisation, providing exceptional care to our clients. We take great pride in our team of dedicated professionals who are highly trained, compassionate, and dependable. Our rigorous screening process includes Garda Vetting and reference checks to ensure that our clients receive the highest quality care. Our carers are fully briefed on our policies and procedures, including those related to elder abuse and maintaining dignity in the workplace.

Our carers are carefully selected from the local communities we serve and are committed to treating our clients like family. We encourage them to engage in meaningful conversations with our clients and stay up-to-date on what is happening in their communities. Our care team is supported on the ground by a team of Area Supervisors who provide assistance and guidance to ensure the highest quality of care possible.

At RHS Home Care, the client is always front and center in the deliverance of care. Our team of highly trained professionals are committed to helping our clients lead fulfilled, safe, and independent lives in the comfort of their own homes. They are an essential part of the RHS Home Care family, and we take great pride in the exceptional care they provide to our clients across all three counties.


Not-For-Profit Organisation

We are a non-profit organisation with a charity status, we operate with the goal of providing professional home care services to those in need, rather than generating profits for shareholders or owners. This allows the organisation to focus solely on the needs of its clients, without the pressure of generating revenue or meeting financial targets.

The not-for-profit structure of RHS Home Care means that any surplus revenue generated is reinvested into the organisation to further enhance the quality of care provided to clients. This may include investing in staff training and development, purchasing new equipment and technology, or expanding the range of services offered to clients.

Because RHS Home Care is focused solely on delivering high-quality care to its clients, it is able to attract and retain highly skilled Care Assistants who are passionate about making a positive difference in the lives of those they serve. The organisation’s management team and voluntary board of directors are also dedicated to ensuring that the needs of clients are always prioritized, and that the organisation operates in an ethical and transparent manner.

Client Testimonials