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Overnight Care

When you or a loved one requires home care support services, it’s important to consider the benefits of night care. For those with medical conditions or vulnerabilities, additional help from night time carers can make a significant difference to your quality of life and that of your family. If you suffer from progressive mental illnesses, such as Alzheimer’s, broken sleep can negatively impact your overall health, making further health care assistance necessary.


At RHS Home Care, we believe that staying in the comfort of your own home can help maintain independence and well-being. However, without a comfortable and unbroken night’s sleep, independent living can become increasingly difficult. Our sleep over care services provide peace of mind for both you and your loved ones. We understand that night care for the elderly can be challenging, particularly for relatives who don’t live with their loved ones. Our professional sleep over carers are trained to provide the necessary assistance and support, ensuring your loved one is safe and cared for throughout the night.

We’re committed to providing our customers with the highest quality of care possible. That’s why we’re happy to consider any overnight care requirements you may have. Our dedicated team of sleep over carers are available to assist with personal care, mobility, and medication administration, amongst other things. So if you or your loved one requires night time care, get in touch with RHS Home Care today to find out how we can help you lead a more comfortable and independent life.