Wellbeing Tip for Seniors – Get Outside

Although we are still restricted in our movements, and some people may be isolating/cocooning. It is important to try and get outside at some point during the day.
Go for a walk: Go outside, get some sun, and take in nature around you. If you are suffering from stress or anxiety try some mindfulness techniques on your walk. Focus on the sights, sounds, and smells of your surroundings as you go on your walk. If you find your mind wandering back to stress or worry, try focusing on your breath, or if you find it easier count your steps up to 10 and start again.
If going for a walk is not an option for you, and you have a garden or balcony, spend time outside just to get some fresh air. You can do some gardening, or try some gentle exercise, or some calming breathing techniques.
Getting outdoors increases physical and mental activity levels, which, can also contribute to the prevention of things like dementia, cognitive decline, immobility, and disease.
Five Facts About Outdoor Exposure
1. Being outside boosts vitamin D levels. -Spending about 15 minutes of time each day in the sun is an ideal way to boost your vitamin D levels.
2. Nature can help boost immunity.
3. Being outside helps you feel more energized.
4. People who spend time outside recover from injuries faster.
5. Being outside helps improve focus.