Turn Blue Monday into Meaningful Monday!

Today, the third Monday in January is often referred to as “Blue Monday”. Did you know there’s actually no such thing as Blue Monday? Blue Monday was originally a PR stunt used to sell holidays.

We can all have bad days, weeks, or months and the day of the week is usually irrelevant.

Instead of “Blue Monday” we encourage you to have a Meaningful Monday as suggested by A Lust for Life – intentionally look out for the positives in the day, maybe the sun is shining where you are, someone made you a coffee, or someone let you out at the crossing.

Or do something nice for yourself that might brighten up your day, such as:

  1. Cook/order you favourite meal.
  2. Listen to your favourite music.
  3. Turn off the phone and escape into a book for half an hour. (you can also light a candle and get comfy with some blankets)
  4. Make something, (crafts, baking Jigsaw etc).
  5. Call a friend or loved one.
  6. Listen to your favourite podcast.
  7. Do something nice for someone else.
  8. Get out into nature and intentionally take in the sounds sights and smell around you.
  9. Do some exercise, release those endorphins.
  10. Watch something funny ( A funny movie, A comedy show or funny youtube vids)