Meet Veronica Barrett – Our Director of Services

Meet Veronica Barrett – Our Director of Services

Veronica first joined RHS Home Care (then known as Roscommon Home Services Co-Operative Ltd) in 1999 as a Part-time Coordinator on a 3-month contract. RHS was only 3 years old at the time and offered four types of services in the Roscommon area, house and home management, childcare, garden service and services for older people.

Veronica’s job was to manage and drive more business in to the co-op on little or no budget. She saw that the main demand in the area was for services to older people, although at the time RHS only had a small number of carers and even smaller number of clients. Back then home care packages were almost unknown and people were also wary about letting strangers into their homes. Despite this, due to Veronica’s hard work and dedication the company soon grew and services were then extended out to Galway and Mayo.

 “I had a little Nokia phone and for 13 years it was never turned off. I took calls when at weddings, on holidays, over the weekends and at night. I never let a call go unanswered and that phone was open 24/7. I knew the potential was there and I was determined to make it a success”. 

Veronica has now been at the company for 22 years and RHS has now approximately 360 employees and 680 clients and continues to grow.

Veronica is also a board member of Irish Rural Link and a well-known singer/songwriter Her song Mary Spain won the new song category at the All Ireland Fleadh Cheoil na hEireann in Ennis in 201 7. It then came second in another category on the 2018 Fleadh.

“The song is based on a true story told to me by an occupant of the Tuam Mother and Baby Home. It tells how she woke one morning to find her six-month-old baby son was gone.”

Veronica is also on the Ard Chom­hairle of Comhaltas and in 2017 toured 16 venues across the country with them.

She is also a grandmother of six adored grandchildren.