Happy International Cat Day

International Cat Day is the purrrfect occasion to celebrate our furry friends. Cats make great pets and companions for older people, as well as reducing loneliness, and improving your quality of life, bonding with a pet can also help lower blood pressure, reduce cholesterol, relieve stress, and improve mental health.
Cats are also fairly low maintenance compared to dogs, they don’t need to be let outside to go toilet, nor do they need long walks. They’re easily entertained by toys, and a kitty litter tray is simple to keep clean. All they ask for is a warm lap, where they are content to simply being near their owners, purring and being petted.
An older or adult feline is more suitable for an older person than a kitten, as they are calmer and are already trained.
Cats are great pets for all ages they can bring love and happiness into any home.